We look at the four main things that have the power to communicate on your behalf and how you can make the best of them

1.Your manners

Lack of etiquette is cause for red flags because bad manners speak of internal values that are manifested unconsciously.

Do you greet and smile at the people who serve you? How do you interact with them? Are you punctual or are you the one who usually holds up meetings with your lateness? Are you respectful of everyone, regardless of age? How you behave speaks a lot more than your most expensive shoes ever could. Do you put your phone away and listen while others are talking? Be friendly, and put others before you.


2.Social media feed

Unlike before when social media was never aligned to your professional profile, employers these days visit these platforms to see what and how you’re spending your time on.

These platforms are part of your extended image and directly affect the perception of your brand in the environment in which you develop.

Cancel Culture in Hollywood began as a result of social media. For example, stand-up comedian and actor Kevin Hart lost the chance to host the OSCARS as a result of a sexist tweet he posted over a decade ago.

Your networks must convey your personality and your personal and professional interests. Everything you put out there is public.

And, remember, the internet never forgets. Be intentional about how you use social media.

3.State of your car

There are instances where you regret having asked for a lift from a colleague because the amount of time it takes for them to clear out a seat for you would have been spent walking to the train or bus station.

There are people who treat their cars like bedrooms. Others use them as dining rooms, too. Most people I know name their cars because the vehicles, they say, have personality.

Your vehicle is a projection of your values. Those around you see it and associate it with your personality. Don’t go into debt trying to get one, though.

However, if you do have a car, keep it flawless.

4.Your office space/desk

Keep it neat; keep it organized. Stop using the “there’s a method to this madness” metaphor when it comes to your office.

People don’t want to walk into a room full of stacks of papers, an overflowing trash can, disorganized files and dirty cups that were used to drink coffee a few weeks ago.

Your office is the visual metaphor for your brain so keep it organized.

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