A yoni massage may sound strange but it actually has benefits (Photo: iStock)

The word massage makes me think about a nice day at the spa getting the tension released from my stiff back and shoulders or a foot massage during a pedicure session. We know about the general types of massages and their benefits but have you heard of the yoni massage?

Yoni or vaginal massage is exactly what the name suggests it is. It’s a massage on the vulva area and the vagina canal and the truth is, many people are talking about it. Women in this case obviously.

This massage isn’t new though. It is a spiritual massage that has been practised in China and India for a very long time and it was done in tantra temples by high priests.

This concept sounds very strange but apparently, it has some benefits. Here are a few worth noting:

It claims to heal sexual trauma

It’s unfortunate that many people have been through sexual abuse that has hindered them from having a healthy sex life with their partners. The mental stress of it all and the recurrent memories can trigger a block where you can’t enjoy sex even if you wanted to.

Apparently, a yoni massage helps with this. It claims to release that trapped trauma through its techniques and it has actually worked for some clients.

It supposedly comes with health benefits

A vagina massage is also meant to give you relief from pain. It’s for people who have vaginal pain and pelvic floor pain as well. It also claims to relieve haemorrhoids, fissures and other common issues that some people experience.

So far, there aren’t any scientific facts that show that it has any medical healing properties but there are some success stories for sure.

 Yoni is not medicinal, it is more of a spiritual thing (Photo: iStock)
It helps you rediscover your body

A yoni massage isn’t something medical. It’s a spiritual ritual that awakens your body sexually.

One of the main goals behind it is to help you rediscover your sexual needs through a very detailed technique and that is why it often leads to an orgasm. A masseuse can even insert their fingers inside your vaginal canal if you’re comfortable with that and go all the way.

Should you try it?

Although many clients have experienced the benefits of a yoni massage, it might not be for everyone.

The first concern is that it’s very odd to get so comfortable with someone random. And the fact that you might get an orgasm makes it even weirder. You can do it yourself at home once you learn the right technique but it’s almost the same as masturbation, which isn’t something that everyone is comfortable with.

The other issue with this is that there aren’t any medical benefits. There are people with genuine needs like pain after sex and pelvic discomfort after childbirth but a yoni massage might not give the kind of relief you’re hoping for.

My take on this is, vaginal massages are a real thing but they lean more towards sexual and spiritual benefits. For the Christians out there, you should know that this isn’t like any other kind of massage because it is a ritual with deep spiritual meaning. The history of this kind of massage will tell you all you need to know about it. Do your research!