Treating your mother, sister or wife should'nt be an expensive affair (Photo: Courtesy)

Mother’s day is almost here and everyone is stoked about it. The past two years have been crazy with Covid going on but this time we get a chance to just kick back and relax without all the restrictions.

Everyone has their own version of how they would want to spend this holiday with their mom this year. People are planning to go for lunch or maybe even spend some quality time at home.

For 2022 mother’s day, you should try something different by going on an adventure as you celebrate. There are many affordable outdoor spots that you can enjoy like these five:


Arboretum is such a serene place that you might enjoy visiting. There is something so relaxing about the trees and trails there that will easily make you fall in love with this place.

This is a spot where you can have a mother’s day picnic with no stress. And if you really want to save some cash, you can eat at home and go for a chilled walk as you bond without buying anything.

The entrance fee is very affordable so you won’t have any worries.

Nairobi Safari Walk

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This is a spot that many of us went to for school trips while we were kids and maybe forgot about. This is the prefect opportunity for you to have a piece of nostalgia for Mother’s day by going for this safari-style tour with your mom and loved ones.

We don’t often spare some time to just enjoy the beauty of our own country so this is a place you should consider visiting often. It will feel just like an adventure getaway minus all the expensive charges, prefect!

 You can visit Karura forest and breeze through the beautiful trails (Photo: Courtesy)
Karura Forest

Taking your mom to a forest for Mother’s day doesn’t sound great but trust me, you’ll probably have an awesome time at Karura.

There are so many fun cost-friendly activities to do here like cycling and bird watching. You can even hike or just breeze through the beautiful trails.

Instead of having a typical day at home, you should challenge yourselves with a fun adventure at Karura.

Nairobi National Museum

If you haven’t visited the museum before, you’ve been missing out. This is a great location if you’re a history and art enthusiast and all you need to do is pay the entrance fee and enjoy an entire day there.

There are a couple of fun things to do and you can even decide to have a snack at the restaurants there if you have some extra cash to spare.

Giraffe Center

This is a famous place where you get to interact with giraffes up-close. You’ve probably seen these majestic animals on TV but now you can see them in real life for less than a thousand bob.

Besides feeding the giraffes, you can spot other animals and enjoy a nice walk at the trails they have there.

You can also buy a couple of souvenirs on your way back home for the memories.