Lower back pain may be caused by injury, pregnancy or wrong footwear (Photo: Courtesy)

Lower back pain is a common problem with numerous causes e.g. injury, incorrect posture, uncomfortable footwear or pregnancy.

Here is what you can do to manage this pain:

See a doctor

A Doctor of Osteopathy is your best bet at helping identify the causes of and treat back pain. Chiropractors and sports therapists can also help manage pain.

Use ice or heat

If your back pain is the result of injury, icing the area for 24 hours to reduce inflammation. For chronic back pain, heat is best as it increases blood flow to the area.

Strengthen your core

Post-pregnancy back pain is often the result of a weak core. Compound exercises like deadlifts work all the muscles of your core.

Watch your posture

Slouching puts strain on your back muscles to keep you balanced. Sit or stand with your back straight, shoulders back and down and head forward.


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