Social media was awash with posts about the record

Numerous posts alleging that South-Sudanese born model Nyakim Gatwech has been bestowed the 'darkest person on earth' title by the Guinness World Records have been widely shared on social networking platforms and even received coverage on national media in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Turkey.

The claim is FALSE.

 Gatwech is a South Sudanese model based in the United States (Photo: Instagram @queennyakimofficial)

Ghetto Radio, a popular radio station in Nairobi, shared the claim on its website on April 27.

"South Sudanese Model Nyakim Gatwech has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most Dark person (sic). Gatwech, 27, has often highlighted how she has been a victim of racism with many people asking her to bleach her skin," the article read.

The claim was widely circulated by hundreds of Facebook users, including by award-winning comedian Loni Love.

 The posts claimed that she had been named by the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s most Dark person (sic)

In Nigeria, website Legit owned by Genesis Media global, included 'allegedly' to the claim and said the record had not been confirmed, albeit congratulating her for the fete.

 She denied receiving any such title  (Photo: Instagram @queennyakimofficial)

Guinness World Records spokeswoman Jessica Spillane told Standard Fact Check that reports are false.

"Guinness World Records does not monitor records for skin tone," she said in an email.

 Gwatech was born in Ethiopia after her parents left South Sudan (Photo: Instagram @queennyakimofficial)

The Guinness Book of Records is a reference book synonymous with world records both of human achievement and extremes in the natural world.

Started in 1955, it has grown to become the ultimate authority on recording the world’s most amazing accomplishments.

 Her family then moved to Kenya before migrating to the US (Photo: Instagram @queennyakimofficial)

27-year-old Nyakim Gatwech in a conversation seen by Standard Fact Check, with one of the Twitter users who shared the claim, denied receiving such a tittle.

"Hi. Hope all is well. I’m reaching to you and see where exactly did you get the information about the Guinness world record. They didn’t connect me nor my team," she said.

 She is popularly known as Queen of the Dark across social media (Photo: Instagram @queennyakimofficial)

Gatwech, who is popularly known as 'Queen of the Dark', was born in Ethiopia to South Sudanese parents, fled the civil war in the country to Kenya and then moved to the United States when she was 14.

The stunning model says her passion for fashion and modelling was ignited during her stay at a refugee camp in Kenya.

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