Couples are sharing the strange reasons they've been arguing during lockdown (Shutterstock)?

Being stuck in lockdown with your other half might have seemed like fun and games at the beginning but now, many are bickering over the smallest things, and in all honesty have just about had enough.

If you're feeling this way, know that you're definitely not alone, as one Instagram account is highlighting just how many are struggling.

During the coronavirus lockdown, a woman named Meg Zukin has been collecting and sharing some of the funniest and most heartbreaking reasons couples have been arguing on Instagram.

The writer and social media editor created the account after being inundated with messages on Twitter when she asked for submissions.

She's named the whole thing The Social Distance Project and because it's proving so popular with people, she's using the project to raise vital funds to help those affected by coronavirus.

When asked what inspired her to start the project in the first place, Meg admitted: "I’m not writing a story, I’m just messy and love drama," she said.

And if you take a look at some of the messages she's been sent, it's clear to see there's plenty of drama.

One reads: "I haven't spent this much time at home with my husband in five years. I have convinced myself that all of his farts are just my phone vibrating. It's the only thing holding us together".

Another said: "My boyfriend has turned me into my nagging mother. 'Jonathan, why are there crumbs on the counter? 'Jonathan, why are all the cabinets open? 'Jonathan why are your clothes on the floor? 'Jonathan, turn the lights off, it's daytime'."

"Day three. My boyfriend got so angry at me for drinking a sip of his water that we got into a huge fight and I made him sleep outside in his car", a third person said.

Speaking to Good Morning America Meg added: "The tweet that ended up going viral and kind of kicking this whole thing off was really made as an off-handed joke.

"How quickly people started sending me stories – I wasn’t expecting that. But it all of the sudden became out of control.

"I probably received $3,000 to $4,000 dollars in donations – from predominantly $1 donations – in three to four days".

Whilst many of the posts are funny, there are also plenty of heartbreaking ones being sent in about couples breaking up but continuing to live together during quarantine.

These are intended to act as way to comfort those who are experiencing similar struggles during the lockdown, so they know they are not alone.

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