Quite unfortunate that people who have literally a life- time before them are the very ones who do not see the need to live.

Suicide is common. Attempted suicide is commoner. According to World Health Organization, approximately seven hundred thousand people take their own lives annually. Most of these are young people between the age of thirteen and thirty five.

 Quite unfortunate that people who have literally a life- time before them are the very ones who do not see the need to live.

You ask yourself “why?” why is it that someone will literally fight for their dear lives in intensive care units; why is it that a patient with stage four lung cancer would cling to life so much while a seemingly ‘whole’ person would jump in front of  an over-speeding car. Why would someone be that cruel to themselves? Why would someone not give a hoot about life?

No one is born not wanting to live. Most of the times, life becomes too much. Sadly, in the world of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram no one realizes another person’s struggles. Everybody is busy and when it happens, everyone runs to social media with questions like” why man why? “Really now?” “Did you have to do it?”

People commit suicide for reasons bigger than cowardice, and fear. They commit suicide because;

1. They Are Depressed

Over half of all attempted suicides are as a result of depression.

Depression is sadness multiplied infinite times. It is darkness, pain, hopelessness, and anhedonia all inhabiting the same person.

2. Drugs

Case on spot here is the seemingly “harmless” alcohol

Most depressed people tend to lose themselves in alcohol in an attempt to escape their persistent pathological melancholy.

It works for some time, helps them forget themselves for some time, puts a song in their lips and gets them newer friends. But with time, it ceases to comfort them.

Alcohol leads to loss of whatever little self control was left and that is how a person is found hanging from his roof reeking alcohol.

3. Disappointment and Loss

Divorce, death, break-ups, this world is so full of disappointments and when people can’t deal with them, they remove themselves from them permanently

 4. Personality Abnormalities

Then there are those who are kind of impulsive. They will fallout with girl-friends, threaten to kill themselves and they do. This is common among teenagers

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