Look alike?

After criticizing women who bleach their skins, Nigerian comedian and actor Mr John Akofor alias Mr Ibu, had a little request for his Kenyan fans.

In his visit to Kenya, the Nollywood actor when told he had a look alike Cabinet Secretary said he was determined to meet this man “that he has been told so much about”

With his silly lines, Okafor requested to meet Dr Fred Matiang'i urging his Kenyans fans to help him get the message to the Kenyan minister.

"Kenyans have shocked me today. They show me one commissioner that looks like me. Ogah, i beg, I want to see you. I want to see you, I beg.” The actor aid.

Known for his simple yet popular comedy, he jokingly said his father was to blame for not telling him that he in fact, had a Kenyan broda oooh.

"I blame my father. I want to see you because blood is thicker than water. Please, anybody who hears this message, pass it to him,"

In the same interview, Mr Ibu had dissed African women who have bleached their skins ‘to look prettier’ urging them to leave the colour as it is.

 “When you bleach, you look like roasted plantains. Leave your colour the way it is, the way God gave it to you. Do not blame God,”

The actor was in the country in company of his Nigerian colleagues Tonto Dike, Imah Abia, Ken Okwonkwo, Agility Onwurah and Conny Kabarry.

They were in Kenya for Peace Concert at Uhuru Park In Nairobi and at Coast Car Park in Mombasa.

The actor is popular for his movies Mr Ibu. Mr Ibu and his son among tens of others that have earned him recognition in the comedy scene in Nigeria and the continent.

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