Cases of same sex rape are not publicised locally since same sex relationships are still a taboo. It was very shocking when back in 2014 a case of a form one student in Loreto Girls High School, Kiambu, who was sexually harassed by a group of three lesbians in her first night in the school made headlines and getting parents concerned that 'monolization' might just have taken a different turn altogether.

"I was asleep in my bed when I felt a hand gag my mouth. I was then ordered to climb down and I obeyed in fear. It was then that the three girls started touching me all over my body and telling me how beautiful I was. One even licked my private parts," the victim narrated amid tears in an interview with a local TV channel back in 2014.

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Afraid of the previous night's event recurring, she decided to run away from school but was caught. Her parents were summoned to the school and despite the girl describing the ordeal she went through, the school's principal, Mrs. Lydia Kariuki blamed the incident on "issues at the girl's home".

"We do not allow lesbianism in this school and for this case I can blame it on bigger issues at

the girl's home. Either she doesn't want to be in the school or there is a bigger problem at

home and her parents don't want her here", she said.

Similarly in 2005, a provincial girls school in Rift Valley suspended more than 25 girls suspected of practising lesbianism.

Prior to that, two form one students had sneaked out of school hardly a month after admission. They claimed that they had been raped by the two 'ringleaders' of the lesbian group. The students, most of them in the final year sat for their final exam from outside.

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