A group of dancers in Kisii Town are dancing their way to riches. Black Dimension Africa is only one-year-old but its fame has gone far and wide.

According to the group’s manager Geoffrey Juma, the group comprises eight members - seven men and one woman - from different universities with branches based in Kisii Town. They use their talent in dancing to raise money for school fees, upkeep and savings.

Juma said that he was inspired into dancing after following the Sakata dancers on social media. He then came up with the idea of starting a dance group, which he mentors. They meet daily for practice.

“Through our dancing, we are able to make at least Sh50,000 per event in the town. We participate in at least four events every week,” he says. The group has a joint bank account in which all the money they get is deposited and later used to pay their school fees, personal needs and to stock a small business they run in Kisii Town.

Juma says that at first, their parents opposed their idea of joining the entertainment industry while still in college.

“We had to look for ways of convincing our parents so that they could allow us to use our talents,” says Juma.

In Kisii Town, says Juma, many people still think they are wasting their time in dancing: “At the end of the day, though, we know we are gaining and learning.”

He says they are looking forward to joining the Sakata Dance Competition. He says that as a group, they believe they can become rich and famous using their talents.

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