Steer Talk, (Left)Ruth, Caroline and Salome: Photo; Courtesy














 Ruth Sang and Caroline Muthondu: Photo; Courtesy

Ruth Sang, Events Management: Nowadays, there is no big deal in changing the name. It’s good to retain your name and maybe add his as the third one but changing completely is not good.

Caroline Muthondu, Marketing and Public Relations: It’s not a must, she should retain her two names but add the third one for the husband. My father's name should always dominate because my old time friends know me by that name and if I change then it will mean I have lost my identity.





 Salome Kinuthia and Ann Kimani: Photo; Courtesy

Salome Kinuthia, Banker: Not necessary, because it’s your identity. Divorce is a reality and changing names then if it happens, you will need to go through the same exercise again which is very tedious. When you get married the only thing left is the name, changing it means you’re disowning your parents.

Ann Kimani, Cashier: Not really, changing a name does not make a difference. It is so involving to change documents and I believe one is better of retaining her name. However she may use the husband's name in family forums.