Scientists have revealed a step-by-step guide on making the ultimate brew. How do you like yours?

The humble cup of tea is not just a means of refreshment. It's a national obsession for which the English are famed.

We consume approximately 60.2 billions cups of tea a year, so you would think we would have it down to a fine art.

Much has been written and researched about what makes the perfect cup of tea. But is there one true method?

Sweet enough already?

1. Water temperature

Use freshly boiled water to pour over your tea bags or tea leaves, unless you are having green tea.

2. Pot, cup or mug?

A warmed ceramic pot is ideal, but mugs and cups do nicely. In fact 91% of Brits prefer theirs out of a mug.

3. Milk first?

Do you put in the milk first or last?

It depends. If you are making tea in a mug, add the milk later.

This is because cold milk will lower the temperature so tea won't brew in your mug as well. 69% of you are already doing this.

If pouring already steeped tea from a pot into cups, then it is fine to have a splash of milk in first. This is the variable which often divides most opinion!

4. Steep time?

Anything between two to five minutes (this particularly varies on personal preference).

5. Drinking temperature?

Do you ever drink cold tea?

Let the tea cool a little first. The ideal sipping temperature is between 60 – 65C.

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