Have you ever wondered why some people have such beautiful soft hands while yours look tired and dry? While it may not be easy to tell someone’s age by looking at their face, your hands are usually very revealing.

Follow these tips to keep your hands in the best shape.

1. Moisturise

Good moisturisers can help prevent or treat dry skin on your hands. They hold that needed water in the outer layer of skin, making your hands smoother and softer. After washing, rather than using a lotion that will quickly dry out, use a good hand-cream that is longer lasting.

2. Maintain daily

The same way you take care of your face, make hand care a daily priority and develop a routine. After you shower, gently push back your cuticles with a hand towel and trim any snags on the side of your nails. Carry an emery board in your bag to handle any nail-care emergencies. If your hands get very dry, use a rich moisturising cream before you sleep; or soak your hands in olive oil for a few minutes.


3. Use gentle soaps

If you can, avoid harsh soaps and use non-drying soaps, which have added moisturisers such as Dove.

4. Use gloves

Protect your hands from unnecessary exposure. Wear gloves anytime you plan to use harsh cleaning products, or when gardening. Dish washing soaps and liquids are usually harsh on the hands. Always wear gloves when washing clothes as prolonged exposure to soap and water will dry out your hands and weaken your nails. In cold weather protect your hands from drying out by wearing gloves.

5. See a professional

If you can afford it, have a professional manicure done at least once a month. A good manicurist can suggest any products you may need to keep your hands at their best.

6. Protect your fingernails

Don’t bite your fingernails. Don’t cut cuticles, push them back too far or use chemicals on them. If nails become discoloured, stop using polish for a while. The acetone in nail polish remover can damage nails, so use it sparingly.


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