Many people don't enjoy their trips due to poor planning (Photo: iStock)

Think of the most fabulous, stress-free vacation you’ve ever been on. What were some of the things that made it all work smoothly and what are those things you wish you could change?

No one plans a trip and hopes for the worst. Not me for sure. But unfortunately, things come up that we didn’t expect and that can ruin the entire vibe of your getaway.

Luckily, there are ways you can plan better to avoid those terrible holiday experiences.

To curb vacation fails, here are some helpful tips that will go a long way in ensuring you have a blissful time away from home and everyone else in paradise:

·         Not planning for expenses properly

Vacays just have this energy about them that makes you take more money risks. You can be in such a good spending mood that you end up coming home broke after enjoying yourself.

You don’t want to regret ever going on a trip just because you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into financially.

You should go as deep as having a budget to avoid using all you have. Set a budget beforehand and stick to it. If you can’t afford that trip now, save up until you can. Do not spend more than you have.

Ensure you have enough money to cater for all your expenses (Photo: iStock)

·         Not preparing yourself for where you’re going

The way you plan for a trip to the Coast isn’t the same way you do when you’re going for a camping trip. Sometimes we don’t consider where we are going especially when it’s an impromptu trip.

If you’re going for a camping trip, for example, ask about the place and research what you will need like camping gear, utensils, clean water and warm clothes. It would suck if you realize that you hadn’t adequately prepared for where you were going when you had the chance to.

·         Not organizing your travel documents early

This one sucks. The worst thing that can happen is noticing that you don’t have all your documents ready on time. You can assume that you’ll find your documents where you had left them only to be shocked that they aren’t where you thought they were.

When you have a trip coming up that needs your travel documents, just get them ready early enough. You will hate yourself if you missed your flight because you couldn’t remember where you put your passport.

·         Being overconfident about safety

When you’re in a foreign location, you can think that everything is all good as far as safety is concerned. The excitement you have can make you temporarily forget that there are people who prey on tourists and this can cause you to make rookie mistakes.

Situations, where people have had their bags with important documents and valuables stolen, happen all the time so don’t assume that you’re safe.

You should also keep your items protected even while you’re at the hotel because you never know who might be planning to get your stuff.

·         Not saving directions

When you’re doing local tours, never forget to save directions. You can’t always rely on random people to guide you and you can end up spending hours trying to figure out the right direction to go.

Every minute counts when you’re on holiday so don’t forget to save directions if you’ll be driving around too.

Alternatively, getting a guide will save you stress and save you so much time at a small cost.