It is important to pat attention to your diet when dealing with anal fissures (Photo: Courtesy)


Anal fissures are an issue that affects people across all ages. It can be defined as a cut or tear on the sensitive soft lining of the anus and is often extremely painful.

Having an anal fissure can be a headache because it makes it hard to pass stool without the area stinging or even bleeding.

Fissures can heal on their own after a couple of weeks and often, patients will be advised to try home remedies like a salt bath until it heals.

The other main thing that you should pay attention to is your diet because there are foods that can either make it worse or promote healing.

While you’re treating the area, you should avoid spicy and processed foods and other types of options that can slow down the healing.


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Below are some foods you should be trading in those bad options for:

 Bananas are rich in fibers that make it easy to pass stool (Photo: Courtesy)



Bananas are not just yummy, they’re nutritious. They are a filling snack that you can enjoy while you’re on the go and they come with tons of benefits especially if you are trying to shed some weight.

When it comes to healing fissures, bananas can be a great ally. The key property that will be beneficial is fiber which helps you pass stool easier while also improving your digestive health.

With softer stool, there won’t be any more strain on your anus which then enhances healing.

 Oranges contain anti inflammatory properties that promote healing (Photo: Courtesy)



Adding oranges to your diet around this time can also help. Drinking the juice adds a couple more benefits too.

Citrus fruits in general have great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that promote healing. They are also rich in fiber, another added benefit for healing common conditions like constipation and in this case, anal fissures.

 Oatmeal contains fiber that helps yo prevent strain when passing stool (Photo: Courtesy)



Oatmeal is a strong source of both fiber and anti-inflammatories that make it a great food to include in your diet as you recover.

The fiber definitely helps to prevent strain on your anus by adding more moisture to your stool and the natural anti-inflammatory reduces irritation and inflammation.

 Probiotic foods help promote a healthy gut (Photo: Courtesy)


Probiotic-rich foods

Probiotic rich foods will also come in handy for you. They help to promote a healthy gut overall, which will also give you a boost.

This is commonly found in probiotic yoghurt since not all of them have a good amount. Go for natural yogurt that doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it because sugar can trigger more inflammation.

 Water will help balace out all the fiber you are taking (Photo: Courtesy)



This isn’t exactly a food but it will be very beneficial. Drinking plenty of water will help to balance out the amount of fiber you are taking.

Many people assume that you just need to pile on the fiber but actually, too much of it can trigger constipation.

As you continue to add more fiber to your diet, make sure you are drinking enough water in the process.