Headaches are usually common and most people get them due to various reasons which is very normal. And unfortunately, women are considered the main sufferers of nogging throbbers.

A lot of the time, they're caused by something simple such as staying up too late, walking around in the heat for too long or even the stress of a big exam.

Although it may feel like it, a headache is not actually a pain in your brain. The brain tells you when other parts of your body hurt, but it can't feel pain itself. According to Kids Health website, most headaches happen in the nerves, blood vessels and muscles that cover a person's head and neck. Sometimes the muscles or blood vessels swell, tighten, or go through other changes that stimulate the surrounding nerves or put pressure on them. These nerves send a rush of pain messages to the brain, and this brings on a headache.

If you can relate to this, here are a few things your headache might be telling you.

You might be dehydrated

Lack of water in the body might lead you to get a migraine. Therefore, you need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. This especially when it is hot, and you’re engaged in a lot of physical activities. To know whether or not you need to increase your water intake, if you get muscle cramps easily, your urine is darker than normal and you feel thirsty, you are a sure candidate you don’t drink enough water hence the headaches.

You’re stressed

Stress is a leading problem to getting constant headaches. If this is a common occurrence, you need to stop and think about what's going on in your life. How stressed are you? And are you just pushing your stress under the rug instead of dealing with it?

You need to rest

Sleep deficiency can lead to serious headaches due to changes in the sleep pattern. Not resting or getting enough sleep leads one to feel fatigued and the mind becomes tired quickly. Before taking any pain killers, consider taking a nap first.

Your blood pressure might be higher than usual

High blood pressure causes hypertension which causes headaches. You need to ensure your blood pressure is normal to avoid migraines which may become worse if not controlled.

You’re addicted to nicotine

A huge number of people get headaches when they don’t drink tea. Nicotine is a stimulant and those people who are addicted to it, cannot go a day with their favorite fix. Be it tea or coffee. Nicotine on the other hand causes vasoconstriction in your blood vessels, meaning they get a little narrower. If you drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks every day, your body gets used to it.

So when you skip it one day, your blood vessels don't become constricted and can make your head hurt. To avoid that withdrawal headache when you go without, don’t overdo it. Have one or two cups at most.

Your braids are too tight

Most of us can relate to the pain of a new hairstyle and it is not unusual for women to pop some painkillers afterwards. More than half of all women experience a tension headache from a too-tight hairstyle, according to a study by researchers at The City of London Migraine Clinic. That is because ponytails and other styles pull on your scalp, causing tension.