Hair myths you should stop following this year

By Esther Muchene | Sun,Dec 26 2021 09:00:00 EAT

 Who said washing your hair regularly is not healthy? (Photo: Courtesy)

Our hair is a vital part of our overall beauty and that is why for some of us, like myself, we splurge on any product that promises to deliver long healthy hair.

And as many snake oil sellers continue to pop up from every corner on Facebook and Instagram it has become impossible to know who is legitimate and who is out to make a quick buck.

If that isn’t enough, there are the YouTube and Tik-Tok hair ‘’gurus’’ who claim to know better than anyone else about what works and what doesn’t.

In all this confusion and information overload, we are left sifting through disinformation, myths and blatant lies.

As we move into 2022 it is time to stop with all these shenanigans and debunk some of these common hair misconceptions which have been popularized:

  • Heat is always bad

The use of heat is probably one of the most controversial topics especially in the natural hair community. For years we have heard that you should never let your hair get into contact with any form of heat because your hair will immediately get damaged.

It’s true that using heat excessively will lead to permanent heat damage but there are situations where it can actually help your hair if used carefully.

A bit of heat can be a remedy for hair that easily coils and tangles because it prevents your stands from forming knots.

  • The more you trim, the more your hair grows

Trimming is an important part of a hair care routine because this is what will deal with the thin, damaged ends but at the same time, it’s more damaging to believe that you need to trim your hair every month as a way of stimulating more hair growth.

In real sense, you will actually be cutting off new growth which will cause your hair to stagnate at a certain length.

Only trim your hair when there are unhealthy ends and always get it done by a professional.

 Heat is not all bad when used carefully and when necessary (Photo: Courtesy)
  • Quick, miracle products work

Another assumption when it comes to hair care is that you need to need to buy every new product that promises hair growth within a short time.

You might be searching for a miracle solution that will grow your hair twice as long within days or a few weeks but that is simply not possible.

Don’t fall for the ‘miracle’ products being advertised with fake before and after pictures because you will never get the results they are promising.

  • 4C hair can’t grow long

4C hair is often misunderstood and this continues to be the case up to today. Many people still believe that there is no way your hair can grow long unless you already have the genes to back you up.

Your genes can have an impact but it doesn’t automatically mean that your hair will never grow if you aren’t blessed with the good hair gene.

The right products for your hair type and a consistent hair care routine will help you maintain health and length.

  • Washing your hair often is not healthy

Washing your hair is a crucial part of maintaining healthy hair. It removes dirt, prevents scalp infections and allows your products to be absorbed properly.

So, you shouldn’t believe that leaving your hair with buildup will eventually lead to happy hair.

If you keep postponing your wash days and overwhelming your hair with products, you won’t get the healthy hair you desire.

You can wash your hair once a week or once every two weeks, as long as you maintain it well.

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