Her intuition told her not to go (Image: sadzmadz/TikTok)

A woman who cancelled a first date because she "kept having a bad feeling" realised she dodged a bullet after she was inundated with abusive messages.

The woman, under the username @sadzmadz on TikTok, explained that she was due to go on a date for the first time with an investment banker.

But after she kept having a "bad feeling" about it, she chose to cancel.

And it's clear she "dodged a bullet" after he began hurling abuse at her for 'flaking' on their date.

In a clip that has been viewed more than 870,000 times on the social media platform, she shared screenshots of the conversation she had with the man which quickly went south.

The screenshots show 'Mark' sending Madz, as she's known on her profile, insult after insult.

 She said she "dodged a bullet" (Image: sadzmadz/TikTok)

After revealing he's "never been flaked on," he then told her that she wasn't that attractive anyway and that she should "learn to respect people's time."

He then told her she was "delusional", which she then replied, saying: "I'm sorry you feel that way. I think you're intoxicated, so I'd appreciate it if you would stop texting me."

But that seemed to rile him more as he continued to send cruel messages.

One of which read: "You're a joke."

"You'll never marry," "You need more confidence," and "Grow up," he continued.

As she shared a final picture of the message, she said she "dodged a bullet".

 The man admitted he'd never been cancelled on (Image: sadzmadz/TikTok)

Since being posted, the video has received almost 79,000 likes and thousands of comments from concerned viewers who were shocked by the man's behaviour.

One said: "Honey you didn't dodge a bullet, you dodged an entire tank."

Another wrote: "'Too much screen time' why he gotta mention that three times???"

"Maybeeee Mark needs therapy," said a third.

A fourth said: "There is nothing more fragile than a man's ego."

"TRUST YA GUT LADIES," exclaimed one user.

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