“What are you wearing?” If you have been in the dating scene for a while, you have probably received this text from a guy. It is very common. Sometimes the guy will drop this question on you during a phone call. Ladies, how do you respond to this age-old question: What are you wearing?

If you haven’t already figured it out, the guy asking the question is not doing so because he has developed a sudden interest in fashion. No, the motive behind this question is something a little more wicked.

Coming up with an appropriate response for this question can prove quite problematic to say the least. First and foremost, the way a girl responds to this question depends on who is asking.

Based on the point stated above, the question will either come across as pervy or a seductive conversation starter. You would hope that the person dropping this question on you is your long-term committed boyfriend or that hunk you are seriously crushing on and has been dropping flirtatious hints at.

Unfortunately, we live in the age of booty calls and no strings attached sex and the men of this generation will send this text to any girl if they perceive even the remotest chance of getting laid. So, yeah, if you send this text to a random girl who has never expressed sexual interest in you, you will be promptly blocked and labelled a level three sex offender.

If it is coming from your sweetheart or someone you have expressed sexual interest in then you can decide if you want to play along. It, however, is still very complicated to answer. So you are having a lazy day in the house texting back and forth with your significant other when this four words splash across your screen; “What are you wearing?”

What do you say? Does he in fact want to know what you are wearing in the literal sense? You know for sure that he expects a sexy answer, but chances are you are not the sexiest version of yourself at that moment. Do you go ahead and lie? What the hell do you do?

I hate to burst your bubble boys, but here is the thing. When your lady is at her home away from you, she is not strutting around the house in garter belts, sexy stockings and thigh highs. She is not doing household chores in that little black dress that you like that shows ample cleavage and curves out her apple bottom and she is most certainly not sauntering around in the nude. Of course when she is expecting your company she will whip out the thongs, sheer nighties and lace panties but when she is alone, she is probably in some oversized pyjamas, sports bra and comfortable granny panties. So when you ask her what she is wearing, you are putting her in a tight spot. Should she lie to you or tell you the truth and kill the mood?

Ladies there are two ways to go about this. First, you tell a little white lie. Amp it up by telling him you are wearing a red lace panty and a matching bra. Or tell him you are wearing nothing but a smile. The downside to lying is that he might get so hot and bothered he will drop by announced and be thoroughly disappointed. But it is okay. He’ll live. The other option is to go ahead and wear something sexy. Be sure to send him pictures as well. The downside to this one is that your effort may be all for nothing since he may not be planning to see you any time soon.

Whatever you do, have fun! @roxannekenya 

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