It is pathetic when grown ass women engage in social media battles over a man! Actually, it is pathetic for grown ass women to engage in any kind of battle over a man. Period! I know that we all love a good drama and that love triangles make for good reality TV. The uncovering of the love triangles of celebrities over the past few weeks has left many entertained but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for these women fighting over men. The saddest part of it all is that these women drag each other in the mud over men who are not even remotely worth it! These women will be all over social media proudly proclaiming that they are the “main chick”. I don’t care much for “main chicks” or “side chicks”. The truth of the matter is if you are not the only chic, you aren’t shit!

If, as a woman, you have ever had a to fight another woman over a man, you have already lost. Let me enlighten you on something, ladies. There’s simply no winning when fighting over a man. The bitter truth here is that when you bandy words or engage in fisticuffs with another woman, the only person who wins is the douchebag in the middle. After enjoying some ass from both of you, he gets to sit back and get a nice little ego boost as you tear each other apart over him. And you know what else? He has the satisfaction of knowing that however things turn out, he is still going to have at least one of you idiots at his side.

Let me teach you something about men, ladies. Men don’t cheat because they are manipulated by the other woman (or because they are confused by the devil for that matter). Don’t believe it when a man who has had an affair tells you he loves you. Most importantly, don’t fight the other woman over him because he says he loves you. If the douchebag value either of you, there would simply be no love triangle. Here is the thing: Men are never confused or manipulated. A man who keeps going back and forth between you and another woman doesn’t care for either of you. If truly the man loved you and it was the other woman who was overstepping her boundaries, an honest man would have shut that b*tch down long before you knew she existed. If your man was an honest soul and he truly loved you, you probably wouldn’t even be aware that another woman was making moves on your man because he would have shut it down immediately. A man who truly loves you would never put in a position where you feel you need to compete for his love. It is disheartening seeing beautiful women making total fools of themselves on social media and wasting their prime years on a man who doesn’t give two hoots about either of them.

Granted, you can never be sure if a man is going to be faithful to you. However, if you ever find out that you have been cheated on, or you find out that your man already has a woman in his life, never approach the other woman. Fight your man! He is the one who betrayed you and lied to you. Your beef should be with him, not her.

— @roxannekenya

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