Neutral colours are a key element of farmhouse decor

Farmhouses were called so because they were built on farms to house farmhands and farm owners. Modern farmhouse design takes a twist on the farmhouse of yore and modern aesthetics, mixing aged furniture and galvanised steel. Farmhouse décor makes for warm and cosy spaces. If you love this style here is how to get your house on the farmhouse décor train.

Clad your walls

Farmhouse décor is all about walls with dimension and life. Clad your walls in shiplap, bead board and wainscoting. A living room wall would spring to life with shiplap. Wainscoting a dining room gives the room a farmhouse vibe. Shiplap is easily achieved with shipping pallet wood. Use clear varnish on your shiplap for a rustic look or paint it white for a modern farmhouse feel.

 Dress your walls with shiplap, wainscoting or beadboard

Choice colours

Farmhouse décor does not thrive in spaces with loud colours. Keep your colour theme within a safe neutral palette. Soft colours like white, beige, grey are good backgrounds for farmhouse style. Keep your accents in neutral colours too but play around with texture.

Wire baskets

Wire baskets are the new rage in farmhouse décor. You can use them for almost about anything from storage to aesthetics there is absolutely nothing a wire basket will not do. Wire baskets come in all shapes and sizes and can go under a console or a media cabinet.


Farmhouse design hugely relies on wood and reclaimed wood. The wood does not have to be new or well finished as life on a farm was always about using and reusing lovely pieces. Whether it is wooden floors, exposed wood ceilings, old barn doors used as tabletops they all contribute to the style that is synonymous to a house on a farm.

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