By Ordia Akelo @OrdiaAkelo

Fish is only fish if it is fished from the fresh waters of Lake Victoria and served on a hot platter in some shack called Lwang’ni Hotel.

Any person who has visited the shores of Lake Victoria will tell you they have never tasted anything like it. That does not mean you have to make a trip to the sandy western shores to have a taste of this delicacy, you can in fact have your own piece of the shore side from your kitchen.

Here is a cookbook tip from the Lakeside


Fresh medium sized tilapia (Straight from the lake if possible) 1 Onion 3 Tomatoes Vegetable oil for deep frying


Scrape off the fish scales and remove the insides from the fish and wash thoroughly. Cut it into pieces and sprinkle salt over it then put it out in the sun for thirty minutes to drain Heat the oil until it is hot, preferably 365 degrees. Once it is dry, dip the fish into the oil and let it fry until it is golden brown. Fry your onions and tomatoes in a separate sufuria. once they are well done, pour a cup of water into the mixture and wait for it to boil. Put your fish in the soup (onion and tomato) and cover for 10 minutes. Serve with ugali and any vegetable of your choice but prerferably Sukuma wiki.