Since the outbreak of the pandemic, trends have moved from stunning, to classic, to casual and now it’s on comfy wear. Thanks to social distancing regulations, more people were forced to invest in cozier pieces like matching sweats and t-shirt outfits.

Granted, it has been a breath of fresh air not having to worry about slaying every day. While the fashion scene is leaning towards more casual and Boho looks, one fashion piece everyone is currently obsessed with is the crotchet bralette.

This dinky piece has slowly won our hearts as it is easy to pair with other closet pieces. It accentuates all body types and did I mention how perfect it is for the beach?

Let’s look at some ways you can style your crotchet bralette like a pro:

Kimono outfits

The best way you can style your crotchet bralette is by pairing it with a kimono. Bralettes have a beach vibe going and adding a touch of kimono will elevate your outfit instantly.

The key to nailing this look is being wary of the colours and designs you are working with. When the crotchet bralette is a single solid colour, you can pair it with a kimono that has different colours or motifs. However, when the bralette is multicolored, ensure your kimono stays light and plain coloured.

Palazzo pants

Most palazzos are generally high waists and are perfect when paired with crotchet bralettes. Like the crotchet bralette, a palazzo is also a Boho piece and it would be the best match for bralettes.

Palazzos will give your whole outfit structure without shadowing your bralette. If you are looking for the best combo for your coastal vacation, you have a winner.

High waist jeans

Whether you are looking to dress in a denim skirt, jeans trousers or shorts, always ensure they are high waist bottoms.

When it comes to styling fashions pieces it all comes down to balancing and giving your outfit structure.

Since bralettes are generally small and are way up above the navel, high waist bottoms will give your outfit some class and not leave it looking tacky.

Official blazers

Are you looking to spice up things a little? Well look no further. Matching your bralette to an official blazer will keep you looking chic and trendy all at the same time.

You don’t want to show too much skin but you want to reveal just enough to keep people gazing. Add some high waist bottoms and you are good to go.

Remember to work with colours that will enhance your look and keep your bralette popping, the more the colours the merrier.


Pants? Skirts? Jackets? It doesn’t matter, there is just a way leather pieces always make crotchet outfits look amazing.

Leather pieces are bolder and will take over your whole outfit, the best way is to tone it down is with a subtle piece like a crotchet piece.

And since a bralette is not so subtle, you are sure to keep people gazing and you might probably draw some inspiration.

Bonus Tip: Pair your crotchet bralette with an oversize denim jacket and thank me later.