Sneakers are so comfortable that you won't want to kick them off before the party ends (Photo: Shutterstock)

Most of the time the first option we choose to match our party outfits with is a pair of heels. There’s nothing wrong with that but sometimes it can all be so boring. Heels are too predictable and flats or sandals can be a spoiler.

In these contemporary times, fashion is continuing to evolve. Anyone can make anything work as long as you know how to make it look good. 

Sneakers are one of the style focuses of 2020. Even though this year hasn’t been too great for us we can at least enjoy the fashion inspo that sneakers bring.

When the pandemic storm goes and we can finally party, you should definitely consider pairing your party outfit with a stylish pair of sneakers.

We will give you five amazing reasons why you need to. 

They’re comfortable

How many times have you found yourself with blisters at the end of the day as a result of wearing heels for too long? Or, have you found yourself struggling to make it through those last few minutes before the event ends because your feet can’t handle any more pain?

I know they say that beauty is pain but, there comes a time where we have to prioritize our comfort. Sneakers are the perfect piece to add to your outfit because you can comfortably walk around, dance and enjoy your day without having to deal with sore feet.

P.S. they’re also a good option for all the moms-to-be. They create enough support-which is the most important part and up your style game as a bonus.

 Sneakers can be paired with almost everything under the sun (Photo: Shutterstock)

They can be your statement piece

A party is the best place to show people what you’ve got. Of course it’s about having a good time but it gives guests an opportunity to dress up and look good.

You can draw in all the attention to your outfit through your choice of sneakers and bask in all the fashion glory.

Since everyone is always expecting to have heels or the other cliché options, you’ll bring something fresh and exciting to that event with trendy sneakers.

There’s something for every event

Sneakers can be paired with almost everything under the sun. You can pair them with a classy suit, a short or long dress, shorts, jeans, chino pants, leather and so many other items.

Some of the designs you can try are the Chanel sneakers or a girly pair with satin-bow laces if you want to dress up for a wedding or the buffalo sneakers for a casual chilled out party with friends. They’re basically a jack of all trades. 

 Sneakers are a wardrobe staple (Photo: Shutterstock)

They’ll never be out of style

Everyone knows that sneakers are a wardrobe staple. Even those who love flats surely have a pair or two in their closet.

The sneakers trend has been there for a very long time and we are still borrowing designs from previous eras. That means you can still wear classics like Reebok or modern styles like the Air Max sneakers.

They can be worn through different seasons

Sneakers will come through for you whether it’s hot or chilly outside. They are versatile because you can pair them with a winter style combo like a trench coat or with a more summer vibe with a floral dress for the event you are attending.

They’re not like boots where you instantly heat up when the sun decides to show up later in the day or like sandals that let all freezing air in when the weather suddenly changes.

Sneakers are the ultimate mix of comfort and style creativity. They’re trending all over and there’s really no better time to show off your sneaker game than now.

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