Every married woman, at some point in her life, will have to call or text another woman, urging her (often with threats) to leave her man alone.

Note that there are various possible ways the other woman will act, depending on how she was raised. If raised well, she will not respond but will vamoose. Or she will calm the offended wife down and politely disappear. This the old school way.

Now, millennial women were raised badly. They have no manners, whatsoever. And many are always willing to get into a spat with the wife if only to spite you. It is worse if the other woman is your ex especially that one ex you met in a wrong corner. Stuff can go downhill very fast.

Carol has sensed your new neighbour, Jenifer, has become a distraction, as she calls you every minute to ask about this and that in your neighbourhood. You have warned Jenifer not to call after 7pm, but she is way too familiar and familiarity is the chief breeder of contempt.

You are not sure how Carol got her number but mid last week, Jenifer called, and laughing sarcastically, asked: “Who does your wife think she is? She just called me and gave me a lecture to leave you alone. Are you a child?”

That escalated a bit quickly, and you will not tolerate any insolence from her. “Look, Jenifer, you gotta respect her as my wife for now. What did you tell her?”

Jenifer noticed from your tone that you meant business. “I told her to relax, I am not about to snatch you from her, but I would if I wanted to.”

“What the f***! Did you actually say that?!” You ask knowing that you can’t put anything past Jenifer. She hangs up. Now it is hard to call Carol to ask her how it went down. Maybe she wanted it to be a secret between the two of them. Where do you start? You will find out in the evening.


And true to form, in the evening, Carol, asks with mournful concern about your conduct with Jenifer.

“Who does Jenifer thinks she is to talk to me like that?”

“Like how?” You ask her, reminding yourself that you’re not supposed to know they had something going on.

“I called her to tell her to stop talking to my husband and she was rude and disrespectful…”

“And why would you call her?”

“You are my husband, and I don’t like how, lately, you are spending more time with her on phone than…”

“Come on, you mean you are that insecure?” You try to gaslight her. But Carol is smart.

“That woman sounded like a b***** and she is no good for you. If you are not careful…”

You understand her but you’re not in a mood for a lecture so you raise your hand, “She is just an ex, don’t overthink,” you say.

“Don’t try that BS with me. I know a bad woman when I see one. That Jenifer woman is a bad person,” Carol replies.

She is silently pleading for you to see sense... which you have seen. In fact, you like this confrontation. It has given you a brilliant idea: Carol can do the job of dumping the ex for you. Maybe you should encourage the war.


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