Most students I know tend to be rudderless with no moral, ethical, academic or career direction. For most, lecturers are boring while parents and elderly relations are annoyingly controlling with their moralistic whining.

But this is no way to lead a life as a young adult. When you are in your 20s, you must have a vision and a role model. Someone you admire and hope to one day to scale the heights they have if not even better them.

In any field, there are always people you can look up to. You want to read their story and find out how they did it and what age. People don’t wake up one day and become the best in their area of specialty. To become a great writer, swimmer, architect, actor, or whatever your heart fancies requires putting in hours. Malcolm Gladwell, in Outliers points out that the hours have been estimated to be 10,000, or ten years.?Many people look up to their role models as if they are not human. We tend to deify them. But these need not be the case. Meet them, if possible, and that handshake will go a long way in inspiring you. When you meet your role model, don’t be awestruck. Ask them how they did and ask yourself if you can do it too. Importantly, inquire about the kind of mistakes they made, so that you can avoid them.