When there is no breathing room,you essentially run out of stuff to talk about    Photo:Courtesy

A relationship should be a haven where partners meet to enjoy the bliss of love: A place where they open up to each other. It is also a place where we listen and offer comfort to our fiancées when they are up against the wall

It all sounds rosy but sometimes we give it so much attention that it becomes a boredom. It becomes a burden.

 While it’s important to keep close, it is much more important to give breathing space to your man for the sake of having an interesting relationship.



1. You will be more interesting

A relationship should be like a good movie- nothing less than interesting. When that interest in a relationship runs low, it becomes boring, and in due time, is likely to crumble down.

It presents you with an opportunity to take charge whenever you are around each other. Your meetings becomes something to look forward to.

2. There will be more to talk about

Space creates a lot of things to talk about whenever the two of you see each other. When there is no breathing room, you essentially run out of stuff to talk about, and one of you, is bound to get bored.

To avoid all this, keep your individuality, and meet up only when you should without pushing it too much. You both will have things to share with one another during your time.

3. He’ll Miss You

A man misses his woman: That you can take to the bank any day. Sometimes he pretends to be tough and all that African thing up his head, but yeah he misses you.

Giving him breathing room facilitates “missmentations” as Cate would put it. If you are constantly together, trust me, no one will miss anyone.

But with that space, you’ll always get to see his eyes gleam when you see each other. Fuzzy, mushy feelings is what you will experience.