Justin Beiber and wife Hailey at the Grammys (Photo: Courtesy)

The 64th annual Grammy awards were held in Las Vegas on Sunday night where there were a whole lot of surprise performances and winners.

The red carpet was as usual one spot to watch out for as celebrities brought out their best outfits to play.

Unlike other awards, celebrities ditched their gowns on the carpet and opted for more creative looks accessorizing with dramatic jewelry and shoes.

One particular look that has caused a whole lot of talk, mockery and utter shock was that of Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey.

The two graced the carpet and made quite a bold fashion statement.

Justin draped up in an exaggerated oversize Balenciaga suit paired with the brand's monster Crocs and a hot pink beanie.


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Walking hand in hand, Hailey modelled a white silk strapless gown teamed with a romantic loose braid and multi-strand necklace.

Even though Justin performed Peaches all fans could focus on was the Singer’s outfit. Here are some reactions:

Is he wearing his father's clothes ?

— BigPink (@Jennieloves1ck) April 4, 2022

i feel like these are the clothes he stole from shaq

— AnielicA?‍♀️ (@AnelicaYT) April 5, 2022

he really went to sweep the floor

— ًTAYLANA PIC (@postysrep) April 4, 2022

Literally me when I tell my mother to buy a dress for me and she buys an oversized dress so that I can wear it for 100 years?‍♀️??

— ʚ︎︎ ‹ meghan 3 ⋆゚||exam era? (@poisonous_ivy_9) April 4, 2022

He's overdressed

— ʚ︎︎ ‹ meghan 3 ⋆゚||exam era? (@poisonous_ivy_9) April 4, 2022

Good thing Jelena ended. I can't think of this homeless man beside our queen of elegance. YIKES

— madgurl.fr (@dumbassfran) April 5, 2022