Keira Knightley is starring in a new film called Misbehaviour (Image: Getty Images for Chanel)

Keira Knightley has opened up about the 'complexities' of being a woman in the modern age as she reflected about an upcoming movie role.

The 35-year-old actress is set to appear in a new film called Misbehaviour that centres upon the world of beauty pageants.

While discussing how she related to the feminists depicted in the film, the mum of two admitted that she agreed with the movement and was also aware of the pressures that women face in the modern world.

 The actress also opened up about the 'complexities' that women face (Image: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

She then went on to discuss the gender pay gap, and pointed out that modelling and prostitution are some of the top jobs that allow women to earn more than men.

"I read the script and I naturally totally agreed with the second-wave feminists [protesting] and yet I've made most of my money as a model [for Chanel],' she told Stellar magazine.

 Keira joins a stellar lineup in the upcoming movie (Image: BBC Films)

Keira, who has been acting for over two decades, also noted that there are only two jobs in which women can earn more than men.

"Still the number one career in the world - the only one - where a woman can earn more than a man is modelling. Or prostitution,' the Pirates Of The Caribbean star continued.

"And that says everything it needs to say to young women. The way you look is more important than what you have to say or what you think. And that’s the world we still live in today."

 Keira and her husband share two daughters (Image: Corbis via Getty Images)

The actress went on to point out in the interview that she has always had a fascination with women's issues and hopes to pass that knowledge onto her two young daughters.

Inspired by the true events of the Women's Liberation Movement and the 1970 Miss World pageant, Keira is joining a stellar lineup of female stars that hope to shed light on the objectification that women faced at that time - and continue to face today.