In perfect world household items like vases, urns and decorative bowls break every other time especially glass. While some items might break beyond repair, others are actually salvageable and can be put back together into the original piece or something close. The good news is, if it breaks into pieces that can sit back together you can glue it back up - think of it like reconstruction surgery or solving a puzzle. Here is one of the ways you can fix a broken vase at home using silicon. Silicon is a readily available non-toxic sealant and dries up immediately. One of the pros of using silicon is that it dries clear and you will not see unsightly marks after. We however do not recommend trying to fix items made from glass.


You will need: 

Silicon (Sh300)

Super glue (Sh20)

Clear nail polish (optional)

All the vase pieces



Blow off or wipe any dust from your broken pieces.

Puzzle them up together without using any silicon at first.

If you are fixing a ceramic pot, apply superglue on the crack edges you want to put together then hold one side firmly onto the other. Afterwards, apply a thin layer of silicon on the inside and outside. Wipe off any excess and allow the item to dry.

If you are fixing a non-ceramic vase with thin walls, apply a very thin layer of silicon directly onto the broken pieces. Firmly hold the broken pieces together immediately. Next apply a layer of silicon all round the inside and outside of the joint. Wipe off any excess silicon and allow it to dry.  

If your vase originally had sheen to it, re-sheen it with clear nail polish. Put your new vase in a safe place. 


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