Every bride has their top wedding destination and venue options in mind (Photo: Shutterstock)

Planning a whole wedding from scratch is a lot of work. Everything needs to be coordinated seamlessly and on time to make sure everyone is happy at the end of the day.

Part of the planning process involves choosing the location and particular venue. This is perhaps the most important part of the whole process because you can’t hold a ceremony without an actual location to go to. Finding a location should be prioritized because it affects everything else on the planning schedule.

It’s wise to start with location hunting for many reasons.

Here are some of them. 

You need to know which venues are available

Prioritizing your venue selection plans allows you to know which ones are available for you. You need to know which venues will accommodate you on the date you have set especially now that the pandemic is still going on. Some locations you hoped for might be inaccessible for a while so it’s important that you know what you’re working with.

You probably still want your dream location

Every bride has their top wedding destination and venue options in mind. Anything else other than that will mean you won’t have the exact experience you had visualized. This is why it’s a good idea to start making calls and reservations early if you want to have the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Starting with location selection will ensure that you are secure because the specific venue you want might have other clients looking to book. If you wait too long, there are fewer guarantees that you’ll find your dream venue available.

 It’s best to know how much the location will cost so that you can have a more flexible budget (Photo: Shutterstock)

It’s better to know the venue charges early

Many couples opt to plan their own wedding which means there’s a lot they don’t know yet when it comes to budgeting for a venue. Since the planning is not being handled by experts, you only work with rough estimations at first until you actually find out how much cash you need to allocate to certain areas.

Saving location selection until the last minute can cause everything to fall apart financially in case you realize that the only venues left are way more expensive than what you thought.

It’s best to know how much the location you’re interested in will charge so that you can have a more flexible budget when it comes to other areas.

It determines the number of guests you can invite

You won’t automatically know the exact number of guests you want to invite. But searching for a venue early will give you some estimation of what to expect.

Keep in mind that sending invitations is also a major priority so it’s better to finalize on the location plans so that you can start working on the venue and guest list in good time.

 The type of location could guide you on the theme of the wedding (Photo: Shutterstock)

Your guests need to be notified early

If you’re planning on a wedding that’s not in a close by location such as a destination wedding, your guests need to know where they’re expected to travel to very early. People have busy schedules and they deserve to be told so that they can adjust their plans early on.

This is even more crucial if your wedding guests will have to take a flight or drive long distances for.

Early planning will allow them to organize their schedule and finances without any hassle.

Choosing a location helps you visualize the entire wedding

Getting familiar with your location early enough could guide you on areas like the theme of the wedding, the type of gown you’ll choose, the décor, even the design of the cake.

Your venue is connected to everything else and that’s a good reason to start with location plans first.