Most might miss the signs but when the flame is dying down you will notice (Photo: iStock)


Imagine being told by your partner that they are no longer sexually attracted to you? How devastating can that be?

This is a tough situation that many couples actually go through and it can be embarrassing especially when you’re the only one who thought your sexual chemistry was thriving.

You definitely need to have a talk and these five signs might guide you on how you can tell things aren’t right before having that conversation with them:

They have stopped initiating intimacy

There is no way you can be attracted to your partner and not want to have sex with them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will always be all over them but at least you will show that you’re interested.

The opposite happens when the sexual connection you had isn’t there anymore. If they are no longer putting in any effort when it comes to initiating, you will know something is up.

They are dodging you with flimsy excuses

You can also tell by how they respond if you make an attempt to initiate sex. You will notice that previously they were very eager but now you’re hearing all types of excuses that aren’t genuine.

They will whip out the classic ‘I have a headache’ or ‘I’m too tired’ excuse just to avoid being intimate with you. This just shows that they are having a hard time being sexually attracted to you and they probably don’t want to tell you directly.

 They will start creating excuses for not being with you (Photo: iStock)
They seem emotionally checked out

Another thing you should be paying attention to is how the intimacy feels, even outside the bedroom. They might not want to be as affectionate as they were before and you will just get this sense that they don’t want to connect emotionally with you.

In the bedroom, you will also notice that they are not as emotionally engaged. You will get this feeling that they just want you to get it over and done with, and that is another unfortunate sign as well.

They keep pointing out your flaws

You can also know that you might not have the sexual connection you thought you had if they are now more concerned about your flaws. Some people will actually have no problem emphasizing your flaws openly and others might even joke about it but deep down they know they are being very serious.

It might even reach that level where they are too embarrassed to be seen with you in public. They might secretly choose to not spend time with you around other people anymore.

If you see this sign you should have an open and honest conversation about the situation.

Your relationship is breaking down

When sexual attraction is no longer alive, other problems could come up. Besides the issues that come with sexual dissatisfaction, you might experience more arguments and miscommunications, plus other issues that might actually break you up.

This is a sign that you definitely need to need concerned about.