Lipstick is one of the key makeup essentials that can change up your whole look. The choice of shade you apply every day before leaving the house holds a meaning and here’s what it says about you:

1. Bright Red

Red is naturally a very bold colour and by applying a bright shade of red lipstick, you project confidence, strength, determination and self-assurance. The bright red also portrays that you don’t fear attention, and that you actually thrive in it.

2. Subtle red

Subtle red is the calmer sister of the above mentioned. Though still sassy, a subtle red shade portrays that you prefer being somewhat the wallflower, attention isn’t a desire of yours. Although seemingly quiet, you have quite a personality, just takes a little more time to get to know you.

3. Hot pink

The ‘Barbie colour’ is very vibrant. When you apply it you portray a sense of adventure. The shade indicates that you are not afraid to reveal your wild side. You live a very spontaneous and adventurous life. “Let’s go for a road trip”, SURE! Type of personality.

4. Nude

The nude shade isn’t bright and ‘all up in your face’, the shade projects control. When you apply this shade, you are portrayed as one who love the natural appeal of things. You prefer the nude as it doesn’t demand attention. You can be a bit shy, which can occasionally lead new people to think you don't like them, but they always fall in love with your personality once you open up a little.

 5. Wine/burgundy

This lipstick shade shows that you are all about seduction, in every sense of the word. It also projects that you are in no rush to get what you want. You enjoy the thrill when it comes to love and relationships.

6. Unique colours

Ranging from green all the way to yellow, white and blue. These shades scream unbound creativity. When you apply a unique shade of lipstick it projects that a vivid imagination and creative arts drive your life. You aren’t afraid to be labelled ‘different’, you don’t conform to any stereotypical definition.

7. Black

This shade doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an evil individual, but it does show that you have a dark side. When you apply this shade, you portray that you probably have a dark sense of humour and you find bright colours too flashy. ‘Black is my happy colour’ is a term you may use a lot especially when asked why you love the colour.


Whichever shade you settle on as long as it makes you feel beautiful is a great choice. Also, don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone.


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