It is always an exciting period when the baby starts crawling or walking. It is a sign that you are raising a healthy baby. However, this also means your baby is now prone to accidents around the house. It is always important to check and ensure the safety standards in your house are up to par to ensure your kids are safe.

Listed below are problematic areas that you should double check to make sure that your house is safe for kids?


Houseplants are a great way to add some life to your house, however, they pose a safety hazard for kids considering babies chew anything. Certain houseplants contain toxins that can cause extreme pain or inflammation when ingested. It is advisable to have nontoxic houseplants.

Small toys

Small toys or components are a choking hazard. Toys that are smaller than 1 ¾ inches should be kept away from babies. Read the label on the toys before purchasing to determine the proper age.


Lamps are a beautiful accessory many overlooks in their homes but they are very dangerous. The electricity, glass, and heat can cause serious injuries. Make sure to get a lamp with a sturdy base so that it cannot be easily knocked over. The lamp’s cords should be taped to the baseboards so that children cannot pull them. You can also push it back on the table as far as possible so that your child cannot reach it.


Cabinets that are used to store vitamins, medicines and cleaning supplies are the ultimate hazard when left open. Usually, kids can’t tell the difference between candy and medicine and will likely swallow any pills they get their hands on. Make sure to always keep cabinets locked.


Children are curious and will be attracted to what’s outside the window. Therefore, having your window open more than four inches is dangerous because he or she can fall. If you don’t have a burglar proof windows, consider putting window guards on all windows to safe proof. If the window is part of a fire-escape plan, use a quick release mechanism. Another alternative is to use a window-stopper so that the windows are never open more than four inches.

Dirty Floors

Kids are always crawling and playing on the floor which results in a dirty floor. Place a door mat where people can wipe off their shoes before entering the house or have they remove their shoes. Toxins such as pesticides easily attach to the soles of shoes and can easily be carried into the house.


A bookshelf is very enticing to a toddler as they will try to climb up the shelves to try reach for items to play with. The danger is it could fall over and crush the baby to death. If you must have one, store the biggest and heaviest books on the bottom shelves and have the bookshelf securely attached to the wall.


We use batteries a lot especially in-house items such as the remote control and toys. If not well secured, children can remove the batteries with their little fingers. These can be fatal to play with especially when put in the mouth considering they are made of corrosive chemicals which can leak causing serious burns.


The TV

The TV is very dangerous to your child especially when he or she starts climbing on things around the house. The child might pull the TV down and have it crash on top of him leading to a fatal injury. Always have your TV attached to the wall where possible and above their reach.



Stairs are a safety hazard for your child. He or she might try to go up or down the stairs which could lead to nasty fall. Make sure to install toddler gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent this.