While most living things will be comfortable having a full stomach and a safe lair to lie, human beings have realised that they cannot be content with such trivial basics
By Urban Roulette Jul. 21, 2023
Men are happy when we are constantly fighting with our exes because they automatically become the heroes in our lives - the knights who rescued us from toxic relationships
These streets are littered with evidence of some of the finest of women reeling from disappointment occasioned by men
Modern developments have caused changes that have largely conferred advantage to women more than men in the dating scene
By Urban Roulette Oct. 27, 2023
While we have made significant progress over the past years, we do not seem to fully believe in our potential
It's impractical to be perfect friends with your daughter, even if you want to be. As mothers, our job is to nurture the young to become the best version of themselves
By Urban Roulette Mar. 9, 2024
Where opinions do not count or contribute to influencing policy, the opinion might as well be unnecessary
By Urban Roulette Mar. 15, 2024