Despite being young and fresh in the industry, these hosts are doing the most.

Vim and vigour seem like their mantra, and these ‘bussin’ media queens and kings are ready to conquer. They have already slowly cut a niche for themselves in various spaces. Not only will you see their dashing smiles on TV, but also hear their distinct voices on radio, while still managing to MC events alongside a couple of other talents to brag about.

 Azeezah Hashim

Beautiful self-proclaimed  Azeezah Hashim ‘Media Messiah’ can boast about hosting one of the freshest morning radio shows while still hosting her own TV show over the weekends with a crazy following. Her captivating deep voice makes her one to watch, and it comes as no surprise that she is bagging corporate emcee gigs left, right and centre. As if she would stop at just that, she is also a voice-over artiste and a commercial model.

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Claudia Naisabwa


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TikTok star and the new face of Str8-Up and Iwake on KTN, Claudia Naiswaba is a buzz of energy with her distinct piercing voice. A young talent, she attributes her training and great command of the stage to her previous boss and mentor, comedian Eddie Butita. When she is not busting moves in her cute videos, she is a singer, songwriter and actor. A multiple treat you can look forward to watching every weekend.

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Sharon Kate Ng'ang'a

 Warm and bubbly, Sharon Kate Ng’ang’a, is back like she never left, having taken a short hiatus from our screens. The former Arena 254 presenter hosted the show for over three years before making a move to KTN Home where she will be hosting various shows. Her striking looks have seen her land lucrative commercial modelling and voice-over gigs, but her love for community development sets her apart. From sharing seats with world leaders, advocating for girls’ rights and leading award-winning community projects, she commands every stage with poise.

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Kalondu Musyimi

 Award-winning entertainment host, Kalondu Musyimi, is a bag of wits and everything nice. From interviewing some of the top African influencers, musicians, actors and actresses to hosting her own TV show, she has become a household name. She is also a lifestyle writer and her digital prowess has made her one to watch out for. Do not let her petite frame and sweet demeanour fool you, the lass goes after what she wants and her passion has not gone unnoticed if the awards she is winning are anything to go by. Kalondu will not be pressing the brakes anytime soon.

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Charlie Karumi

Charlie Karumi is the witty guy that brought the entire country to a standstill with an outstanding performance in the Watu Wote film that also saw him represent +254 at the Oscars. Yes, the actual Oscars. When he is not acting, TV hosting or vlogging on his widely followed YouTube channel, he is also a host on one of Kenya’s prolific morning radio shows. His big personality, acting finesse and use of social media has seen him bag award after award and own every stage he has been called upon. Check out his work on Netflix too because how much cooler can this guy get.

Joe De Best

It is the big voice that makes you turn and the ball of energy he has brought to your screens since he became the new host of Str8-Up Live alongside Claudia Naisabwa on KTN Home. New to the game, Joe De Best has the potential to takeover the airwaves as well with that voice and is always such a joy to watch as he has us all jumping and dancing to his entertainment show. Aside from that, he is also an actor just like his co-host and you can watch him every weekend.

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Manasseh Nyagah

Sultry Manasseh Nyagah is a high fashion model with a deep voice plus persona to match. He has graced our screens as a TV presenter and actor and, just like Charlie Karumi, also has features on Netflix. Every time you turn around, he is in an award-winning film. A cool kid on every coveted celebrity guest list with a friend list of who is who to match, he also has a cult following on social media as a content creator. Literally every photographer’s favourite, but who’s counting, right?

Brian Aseli

Brian Aseli’s presence is infectious. He is loud and boisterous, but deep down, Aseli has grown to be a notable mention anytime youthful hosts are mentioned. The KTN News Youth Café host wears many hats as a TV and radio presenter, corporate MC and theatre director.

Shirlene Ishenyi

Her voice is bigger than herself. The 21-year-old host is full of talent as she doubles up as a TV host, actor, singer, dancer and event organiser of The Vibe 254 event. The multilingual fashion enthusiast was among the few Kenyan actors to represent Kenya at The Art of Facing Fear International Digital Theatre play earlier last year. She hosts a Kid’s TV show called N-Gen that is aired all over Africa. ?

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