Martha Koome. [Courtesy]

Mwenda Rutere is a proud brother after his sister, Court of Appeal Judge Martha Koome, 61, was nominated to be the next Chief Justice.

Once confirmed, Koome will become Kenya’s first female Chief Justice and the 15th person to hold the position.

Speaking to KTN News, Rutere said he was overjoyed following his sister’s nomination and thanked God for His deeds.

Born in a family of 18 children, Rutere said they were raised by a prayerful mother who ensured they all went to school.

He added that Koome, the youngest among the sisters, followed in their mother’s footsteps as someone who loved God and prayed a lot.

“Our mother loved praying a lot and my kid sister (Koome), who is the youngest among the girls, followed in her footsteps. She really loved God and used to pray a lot,” said Rutere.

 Court of Appeal Judge Martha Koome. [Courtesy]

On Tuesday, April 27, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) Chairperson Prof. Olive Mugenda announced that Martha Koome had emerged the best out of the ten applicants who applied for the position.

Koome beat all odds after facing these nine legal giants: Said Chitembwe, Prof Patricia Mbote, Justice Marete Njagi, Philip Murgor, Justice Nduma Nderi, Fred Ngatia, Justice William Ouko, Dr Wekesa Moni and Alice Yano.

When asked how she’ll manage the challenges she would face as Kenya’s first female Chief Justice during her interview on April 14, Koome responded saying;

“I believe the challenges are similar whether a male or female CJ. It will be historic for the Commission to nominate a woman for the Office of [the] Chief Justice. Leadership is gender-neutral. It doesn’t require a man or woman. It is skills that will deal with the challenges we face. You need managerial skills because you will be overseeing various things. As a lady, I appreciate that everybody brings something to the table.”