Miriam Chemoss                          Photo:Courtesy/ FB@lulu

A few weeks ago Miriam Chemoss an artist based in the US shared a rather inspiring story about her life in regards to her father.

In a touching post on her Facebook wall, she marked the 16th anniversary since her father passed on in 2001.

In her message Miriam recalls driving on the highway around 3pm on that fateful day before pulling over because she had felt something tight on her chest- She felt her heart break.

 With her Father         Photo:Courtesy/ FB:@lulu

“My chest got tight and my stomach turned sour. I knew beyond a doubt that my dad was dying at that very moment in Kenya,” She writes.

She would later get the heart-breaking news through an email from her sister. At that time she had been dealing with graduation preparations and had hoped her dad would be there.

“When I spoke to him on the phone two days prior, he told me how proud he was of me and how he could not wait to throw me a huge party when he got to the US."

She, in the post, remembers how her father  was an “amazing human being who loved fearlessly and unconditionally and man who “loved to make everyone have a good time”.

“…but 16 years later, my father has remained in my heart. He has been guiding me in ways I can't explain. I have felt more connected to him in spirit and have felt his presence in certain points of my life”

We got her full message as she celebrated the life of her late father, a Brigadier in the in army “who loved parties”.

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