Victoria Kimani and Yemi Alade are two songbirds who have jaw-dropping sense of fashion in the entertainment industry.

With bragging rights as being amongst the leading female musicians in Africa, how they dress is trendy, daring and top of the class.

Photos of the two side by side depict, a battle by the two as to who is supreme in setting the pace in terms of fashion. Be it retros or urban.

So who rocks best? Is it Kimani known for her recent hit China Love, and owner of the kimani.couture clothing line or Yemi Alade; the Nigerian afro musician who rocked with her first single hit Johnny?

 "They brought the sexy back in the thigh high boot"
 How trendy are their outfits: Long colored braids and the puffy jackets are2018 go to style
 "You cannot join us if you don't feel our denim vibe"
 "African Print is cooler like this..."
 " Off shoulders, wide leg pants and we roll like that"