Baby mama drama is the worst kind of relationship problem to handle (Photo: iStock)

Choosing to be with a guy who has a baby mama isn’t always a bad idea. These days there are plenty of unconventional relationships that work out and it all depends on how well you get along as well as trust each other.

As much as we know that these relationships can work, they are not free from challenges-serious ones in fact. Some guys are guilty of hooking up with their baby mamas on the side, which is devastating when you thought you had a real future with this man.

If he keeps telling you that his baby mama is only in his life because of the child they share but his actions don’t match his words, you should be worried. These five signs might reveal whether he’s secretly seeing her behind your back:

He insists on meeting up with her

In dating, we only create time for people we are romantically interested in. And you can use that fact to assess your situation. Of course from the beginning you knew that they might have to see each other once in a while but you will get this feeling that he’s actually going above and beyond to spend time with her.

He will try and cover up why he can’t just say what he needs to say to her through a text or call because he wants to be around her.

 He always insists on meeting up with her (Photo: iStock)
They still behave like a couple

First, he might try to keep you out of his meetings with his baby mama. But during those times when you have to be in the same place together, you will notice that they have this odd closeness.

People might even think that they’re dating because of how they interact with each other and that is a big red flag. If they exchange physical touch all the time and sit close to each other, you have your answer because that behaviour isn’t normal.

He avoids telling you what they have been up to

If someone has nothing to hide, they will have no problem telling you how their meet-up went. There is nothing hard about mentioning where they met up, what they talked about and general details about their interaction.

Therefore, it’s definitely strange if he hesitates to mention certain details. Parts of the story will be missing and he might even get agitated if you ask questions.

This particular sign indicates that something else is going on.

 He is too involved in her life (Photo: iStock)
He listens to her more

You will also feel like you’re the third wheel in your own relationship. If he could care less about your boundaries but seems to respect his baby mama’s more, it’s a clue.

He will also have annoying habits like constantly checking up on her when it’s not necessary and you will feel like she has him wrapped around her little finger.

He’s too involved in her life

Another way to tell is by checking how obsessed he is with the details of her life. He will be concerned about who she’s dating, not because he cares about who’s around his child but because he is still tied to her.

Even if he makes these weird comments as a joke, he’s probably being serious deep down.