We had this!

Growing up in the 90s and early 2000 was arguably the most interesting phase of that century. Social media hadn’t consumed our social lives, nor had Play Station gams taken up our outdoor “kati” and kalongo” games.

Well and parents were parents back then. Spanking was nothing new, and in fact when you went for a two days without being spanked you’d be like “Mum kwani ako karibu ku die?.  A good beating was the life.

Recent posts online about childhood brought back those memories- when parents and especially mums would ruin your entire life with a single look.

 Mums though!

Life was so easy but mothers showed no chills in handling of their children. Indiscipline was not an option and any sign “hata na umbali” would make World War II a walk in the park.

I personally know a friend (as toddler) whose mum tied his leg with a rope to a post on their farm so she could milk cows in peace. The reasoning of the mum:  “Si huyo alikuwa anatamba anashika shika miguu ya ngómbe nikikama!”

With no house help around, mothers had to surely be creative in handling babies.

Check out these funny memes of what it meant to be under custody of Kenyan parent.

 Sleeping away with cousins!


 Again mums !!!
 Some had no comebacks



 I aint her!


 You look good mummy