A woman in the Malaa area of Matungulu Constituency was shocked to find that she had been living with a cobra snake in her house.

The woman who resides in Nairobi where she does business said she had constructed a home in Malaa area where she spends her weekends.

"I leave Nairobi on Friday to go to Malaa for weekends. Since Friday evening when I got here, I have been living with a big snake only to notice on Monday when I was leaving for Nairobi."

The woman who does not have a worker said that for three days she spent at her Machakos house, she is the one who has been cleaning it.But she was shocked on Monday, to see the snake coming out from one of the bags in the corner of the house.

"There is a bag I had left here some time back. I believe the snake was hiding there. I am prayerful and I read the Bible every day and pray before sleeping I believe this is what helped me," added the woman. She called the neighbors to help her killed it.

Matungulu Constituency cobra snake