Mary Gatabaki's dreamy town house.

Her taste is eclectic. The tones, textures and cheerful colour palette make her place vibrant and welcoming. Her Chester sofa L brown seat stood out. It had a lot of personality. Her seats are a combination of what she loves and not the typical six-seaters. Flowery and white cushions add character to the space.

Mary's husband's cosy corner in the living room is masculine. His seat is leather. A small poof and little side table creatively designed are perfectly arranged in one corner of the house. "My home is all about comfort - function before form, that is what I learnt from school," Mary said.


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Little ladders and shelves in the living room display her tasteful treasures with surprising elements pushing boundaries. Exquisite light fixtures in the living room created a relaxed and artistic atmosphere.


Mary Gatabaki's dreamy town house.

"I am changing the colours in the room. My daughter is now into sage colours, so a makeover is about to happen," she said.

Mary turned her storage space into a man cave for her husband. The brick wall and grey wallpaper give the room a masculine personality. The furniture and accents in the man cave create a brilliant home office. Her bedroom is artistic, striking and breathtaking.

I was fascinated by Mary and her husband's commitment to finishing a 1,000-word puzzle displayed beautifully on the floor in their lounge area. Romantic and fun, I thought to myself. Mary's home is full of creativity, and she pays attention to every detail.

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