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Zuchu had earlier dismissed claims that she was romantically involved with Diamond stating that she would never be in a relationship with her boss.

"Nothing like that will ever happen in WCB because there is no evidence to prove what people are saying. We all know how people love to snoop and indeed if I was being intimate with my boss then they would have found something," she said.

Earlier this year, Diamond confirmed that he was in a relationship although he did not disclose who his partner was.

"I am in a relationship and I am happy. My relationship has given me so much satisfaction," he said.

Asked about his relationship with Zuchu, the singer maintained that Zuchu was a colleague and they were working on several projects together.

"Zuchu is signed under my label and she has now come of age...that is why I brought her to this event which is the first of many," he added.

 Diamond [Instagram]

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