Tiffah with her dad

At only three years old, Tiffah Dangote is already a boss! Daughter to the celebrity couple (now separated) of Diamond Platinum and Zari Hassan started making news right from her first few hours on earth with news of her birth flooding the interwebs.

Three years on, Tiffah is the most popular celebrity kid in the world with 1.9 million followers, a figure only matched by Dj Khaled’s son, Asahd Khaled, who also has the same number of followers.

Being to celebrity parents is not the only privilege she has, the Tanzanian Duchess, as her mother called her on her birthday post, has her own website with is run with content from activities revolving around her day to day- more of a reality show.

Tiffah is the first born child of Tanzanian bongo star Diamond Platinumz. Having been ridiculed by friends and foes alike on his ability sire a child having dated several women without any getting any pregnant, for Diamond, welcoming Tiffah proved his critics wrong and earned him respect as a man and a father.

The boss baby is a brand ambassador of a numbr of brands in Tanzania including Pugu Mall and Msasani City Mall Baby Shop. She was also appointed the brand ambassador for a mega Norwegian chain of baby stores Baby Shop in the two shopping malls in Tanzania in a deal worth millions.

The endorsement also came with a deal of complimentary shopping at the two stores worth KSh 50,000 every month until the contract ends.

Failure to mention her acute sense of fashion would be a dishonour. Tiffah boasts of one of the trendiest kids fashion looks and this, we owe to her fashionista.

Have you seen her clips on social media? Tiffah has an extraordinary fluency of the Queens dialect. Not to tarnish the reputation of our celebrities but She speaks better English than most of the celebrities we follow on social media, especially from her father’s home country, Tanzania.