Rev.DR Timothy Murere Njoya retired Minister of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa

So it all started when retired Reverend Timothy Njoya announced that he was going to launch book titled the Divinity of The Clitoris. His announcement  has elicited reactions with some accusing him of insensitivity and disrespect towards womanhood.

But for the activist, he says that he was simply stating what his research had concluded. He goes on and on as he replies to feedback from his Twitter followers.

Having a read at the posts is whole new OMG-mind-boggling-puzzling-tornado planet.

So sit back, grab some coffee, and read the Divinity of The Clitoris according to Rev Timothy Njoya.


I hve just finished writing a 600 book on the DIVINITY OF THE CLITORIS for men like you to respect the female anatomy as made in God's image

— Timothy Njoya (@timothynjoya)

Every woman I have met loves her anatomy.God wired the clitoris with 36000 nerve ends and penis with 2000

— Timothy Njoya (@timothynjoya)

My Mom founder of Kiama Kia Ngo (Council of the Shield) to fight FGM and by 1952 succeded to save many girls

— Timothy Njoya (@timothynjoya)

You are thinking anticlock-wise and speaking mzungu language but my study is research,Not mzungu.My Phd was research

— Timothy Njoya (@timothynjoya)

You r the one weird if u r not proud that on 5th January mom escaped genital mutilation 2 Boarding School.

— Timothy Njoya (@timothynjoya)

Since I retired in 2001 I'v been doing research on TYPOLOGIES OF MASCULITES, involves study of male-female interface

— Timothy Njoya (@timothynjoya)

You should know penis is a large clitoris and men have small uterus called utriculus masculinus/prostatic utiricle

— Timothy Njoya (@timothynjoya)

Then came the comments from his followers ...

????????????Eish! The man of God got no chills

— Linda Agola (@AgolaLinda)

Did she reply to this? Still wondering what is wrong with Rev's title.

— Akamba Prophet (@RealSyokimau)

If it's about respect im sure a man of your learning could have found a more respectful title. Shame on you.

— Cess Mutungi (@ChairladyNCTC)

Why do pple find it uncomfortable in naming body part accordingly nothing to b ashamed of let break this archaic slavery of mind


I wonder how I'll explain the title to my brothers kid who we share "readings" I will just carry on like clitoris is the name of my barber.

— Kunta Otis Kinte (@AmJoseh)

I guess the content of the books is all about an abrasive fight against FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION. A fight against this CRUELTY is noble.

— John Mundua (@JMundua)

The title is just fine..You are doing well ????????????????????????

— Charity Kamau

i think you meant to say divinity of nunu..

— Charles Mwabili (@CMwabili) August 7, 2017

Timothy Njoya;man talk