Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern which a person begins to doubt their accomplishment and has fear of being exposed as frauds. A person with this condition is often convinced that they are frauds and they do not deserve what they have accomplished.

Just as the name suggests, an imposter is someone who makes deceitful pretenses. He or she is a fraudster or in short, a fake person. An imposter pretends to know who is who in society so as to fit in and be considered important.

Worst part is those who have it more often than not, don’t know it.

Could you be a masquerading imposter? Here are signs to identify this syndrome that plagues many in this day and age.

You want to be the best

Imposter syndrome is linked to people who are overachievers. A person with this condition feels the need to excel and they become high achievers from an early age. Whatever they get their hands on they give 100%.

You are a perfectionist

People with imposter syndrome tend to act like superheroes and their personality tells it all. They tend to accomplish any task they set their mind to in a flawless and perfect manner. When they do not achieve this, they consider it as failure.

You do not accept praise

Many people are not good at accepting compliments where credit is due but it is normal. A person with imposter syndrome however finds it difficult to accept praise because they do not consider it as valid. They do not genuinely believe they deserve the credit.

You are judgmental of others

People with imposter syndrome often find faults in other people and are highly critical of themselves. They find fault in everything no matter how good or perfect it is. They will find something wrong or bad in everything and everyone.

Try hard to fit in

Imposters tend to live a fake life which makes them to sacrifice who they are just to try and fit in. They tend to be like everyone else no matter the consequences that may arise when they get caught or when the truth surfaces.

You doubt yourself frequently

When you seem to becoming successful and people begin to recognize you, you begin to feel anxious and you become overwhelmed. This then makes you have doubts in your achievements and you question it every step of the way despite the truth of the matter.