An itchy scalp is a common condition (Photo: Shutterstock)

Itchy scalp sometimes known as scalp pruritus is not a rare condition. The most common conditions associated with itchy scalps include dandruff and Seborrheic dermatitis, a condition that causes the inflammation of the scalp. The latter can be as a result of stress, hormonal fluctuation and increased growth of yeast on the skin. 

Dandruff may also be caused by certain conditions such as dry hair or overly oily hair. 

Other conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections like ringworms and allergic reactions to hair products may also cause itchy scalp. 

When this issue persists, it is important to seek medical attention for fast relief from discomfort and sometimes even pain. 

If you find yourself in this uncomfortable position while at home here are some remedies worth a try. 

 Apple cider vinegar contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help soothe an itchy scalp (Photo: Shutterstock)

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Dilute the apple cider vinegar in warm water and use post shampooing or as a general spray to get rid of dandruff and scaly skin.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint is a great essential when it comes to soothing the scalp and sometimes when getting rid of dandruff. Complement this essential oil with another oil such as olive or coconut oil and massage it into the scalp right before shampooing. It can also be used as a post shampoo rinse to keep the scalp fresh and vibrant.

Tea tree oil

It is important to be careful when using tea tree oil as it can become very irritating to the skin when used in large quantities. You can mix the oil with your normal day to day oil or you can add a few drops to your shampoo. Tea tree oil is known to solve issues associated with dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis as well as lice. An important point to note is that tea tree oil should never be ingested.

 Researchers have proven that coconut is a key ingredient when it comes to combating scalp itchiness (Photo: Shutterstock)

Organic coconut oil

Coconut oil has lauric acid which contains antimicrobial properties. Lauric acid enables the skin to absorb the coconut oil properly. It is good for skin that is prone to both lice and eczema too. Researchers have proven that coconut is a key ingredient when it comes to combating scalp itchiness as well as controlling other scalp issues.

Baking soda

Baking Soda is a strong cleaning disinfectant and this works too for the scalp. Baking soda aids in the removal of excess oil build up in the hair and scalp which later results in dandruff. 

Lemon extract or juice

The acidic nature of lemon extract or juice, just like that of apple cider vinegar alters the pH level of the scalp.  This helps to get rid of unwanted bacteria and fungus found on the scalp. It is important to note that lemon juice may not be a permanent solution but it is a quick fix to an urgent problem. Squeeze a few lemons and dilute with some water then apply directly on the affected areas for some relief.