To achieve the perfect twist outs all you need is good products and patience (Pinterest)

Natural hair is not easy to maintain. Imagine all the hair products you will need, money to install different hairstyles without forgetting the daily care routine.  Having natural hair is a calling and not every can pull it off efficiently.

That being said, every day is an opportunity for team natural to come up with better styles and easier methods of maintaining their hair and currently twist outs are the in thing. All thanks to the pandemic, most ladies are working from home meaning more time for the hair to breathe as they go for simpler hair dos.

What are twist outs?

Twist outs are basically what their name suggests, twists. You simply twist your hair and release it when you need to leave the house. All you need to do is to not comb your hair and you are good to go. Even though it seems easy to achieve because you only need to twist your hair, it takes technique, hair products and time to get the perfect results.

How to get the perfect twist outs

As mentioned earlier, products vary from person to person depending on their hair types and it is important to use what best works for ones hair texture.

To achieve the perfect, fluffy twist outs the first thing you will need to do is wash your hair and detangle. When you don’t detangle your hair after washing, separating your hair into twist portions will give you a hard time not to mention how painful it will be which might just interfere with the final result. Detangling will also reduce breakage.

Once you have divided your hair into small portions, first apply your product of choice and the begin the procedure. In case your hair is already dry, you can spritz some water while you apply the hair cream to the divided portions before twisting.

After twisting a portion place a flexi rod at the end of the strand, roll your twisted portion twice at the end of the strand and flex your rod until it holds your twisted braid firmly. Flexi rods will give the end result more bounce and hold your twist all night. Repeat the same procedure for all the other portions.

 Allow your hair to completely dry to avoid frizzy hair (Pinterest)

Unraveling twist outs

Once you are done with twisting your hair, give them enough time to dry and form, overnight to be precise. A common mistake when it comes to untying twist outs, a good number of people unravel their twist outs before they are properly dry and ready. Unraveling your twist outs early leaves you with curls that are not neat and fluffy, they will be lackluster at best. It will take time and patience for the product to completely settle in and work itself into your hair. Another reason why it is important to let your hair dry is for definition. When your hair doesn’t dry it will look frizzy and your style won’t make sense.

When unraveling the twist outs, add some oil to your hands and slowly apply to your hair while unraveling. Remember to be very gentle with the whole process, you don’t want to frizz your curls. They need to be uniform to give it a more bouncy and fluffy look. Once done, do not comb your twist outs if you want them to last. Combing will straighten the already formed curls.

Caring for twist outs

Properly installed twist outs can go up to a week but after detangling the twists, they may not last that long. If you want your twist outs to last longer, you will need to redo your twists every night so they can maintain the curl. When redoing the twists, do not comb the hair to start afresh, simply twist out the hair as it is to keep your style looking fresher each day. Another thing to remember is to sleep with you hair covered in a silk head bonnet. A silk bonnet will keep the moisture in and prevent your hair from frizzing.

Tip: For the perfect twist outs, find a cream-based product that works best with your hair texture and has a significant amount of hold in the formula.