Once a lady is in love, it will be hard for her to hide the fact that she wants to be with you all day every day [Courtesy]

Love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? If you are lucky enough to find a good woman, you should do all you can to protect what you have. Same case applies with a man too.

In these modern times, many people have realized that it is not easy to find true love.

We have seen and heard of so many relationships that fell apart just when we were sure they would make it.

Sadly, it is not always easy to point out exactly why relationships aren’t working out as well as they used to but, you should try your best to choose a lady who is relationship or marriage material.

If you have just started dating or are on the process of vetting someone for serious commitment, you can use these signs to confirm if she’s the one for you.

She wants to spend time with you


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Love will make you do crazy things, that is for sure. And once a lady is in love, it will be hard for her to hide the fact that she wants to be with you all day every day.

If she always wants to pass by your place after work or goes the extra mile to spend time with you when she lives miles from you, it is a big sign that she loves you.

She genuinely cares about you

The sad reality about the modern dating world is that there are many people who will do whatever they can to get what they want. We are seeing fewer genuine connections and that can discourage you from wanting to date at all.

The good thing is that you can tell that a lady is truly invested in you if she wants to be there for you without expecting anything in return. She won’t only sacrifice for you if there’s something in it for her.

She pays attention to your needs

The small expressions of love matter when it comes to relationships. An example is, if she tries to get dinner or a snack ready so that you have something to eat when you come back from work or if she tries to show you love through your love language is a key indicator of how she feels about you.

Every couple has their specific way of showing their love so if you see that she is committed to fulfilling your needs and that it is not just you doing all the work, that is a very good sign.

She loves you for you

Everyone has their own set of flaws that can’t really be changed. And besides, your flaws are what make you unique and that is why you should feel loved and accepted by your significant other.

You will know she is madly in love with you if she loves your weird birthmark, your oddly shaped toes or anything that might make you stand out.

Everyone approves

Many of us know situations where someone rejected the red flags in someone they were dating only for things to completely crumble in the end. You will find that they rejected advise from friends and family and later realized that they should have listened.

So, if people close to you can tell that the love your lady has for you is genuine, you are definitely on the right track.